Pauline Pin designs bags, useful bags, happy bags and overall pretty bags, you wish to fit to the way you are dressed, the way you feel, to the weather or the colour of it.

The first handbags came to life in our workshop, in June 2006. They were artisanaly and one by one sewed in a cotton cloth, during the first months. Then, the leather came with new shapes, materials and colours. Pauline Pin now presents 2 collections a year, one anticipating pringtime, the other one before summer ends.

Every Pauline Pin bag is designed in our workshop and shop, rue Charlot, in Paris. The founder and designer, Clarisse chose this special area in Paris, because it’s genuine and filled with many different people, and because the Marais fits so well to Pauline Pin’s creations.

The technical part is made in France, in a reknown workship, and is based upon the French leathergoods traditions.


Pauline Pin

“My grand father was an artist, my father used to make handbags, I was just supposed to be here”.

Clarisse went to a business school, travelled and stayed abroad (New-York, Tokyo, London), worked in the marketing and ad business, as head of purchases for a multibrand shops chain and directed businesses as well.   Yet, she dived into the Pauilne Pin experience a few years ago, mixing her history, experiences and feelings.
“Pauline Pin is much fun, and I am lucky.  But I also need my daughters and my other activities (writing, sport,…) to renew my energy and my inspiration.